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General Terms and Conditions


Registration for Trainings/ Translation Contracts

The registration for a training or the order for a translation are executed in written form, including the concrete agreements in fees and dates. Concerning trainings, an advance payment of 100 € will be charged, which will be reduced from the next invoice. The training fees for the current month are charged at the 15th of this month. Translations are invoiced at the end of the work or, if the translation is comprehensive, are payable by installment according to the contract.

Mode of Payment

The payment can be done cash or by bank transfer.  

Group Trainings

If single persons do not participate in a lesson or in the entire training, no additional lessons will be offered, and there is no compensation of the already paid fees. If a training course should be cancelled by the customer up to 7 days before the start of the training, a cancellation fee of € 150.00 will be charged. Already paid training fees will be paid back, deducting the cancellation fee.

One-to-one Lessons

Cancellations of one-to-one lessons can only be accepted up to 24 hours before the start of the lesson (Monday lessons have to be cancelled on Fridays before 12.00 o´clock). If lessons are cancelled later, they are charged with 50% of the lesson fee.  


All the prices refer to the basic units mentioned in the training- or translation contracts (hours or signs); one lesson unit equates to 45 minutes.   

Our services are invoiced with the currently appicable VAT for the type of service (0 respectively 7 respectively 19%).


Participants of the trainings are responsible of having their own health- , accident- and third party insurance.

By signing the contract, the contractual partner/ training participant commits to paying the agreed fees/ invoices in time and declares to comply with these General Terms and Conditions.

The place of performance and jurisdiction is Rottweil (Germany).

Data Protection

Your personal data are only entered and saved for the execution of your order. They are only saved during the time of the training or the translation until the customer´s confirmation that the order has been completed arrives.  
In no case the data are forwarded to a third party or provided for the use by a third party.

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